GTA SAMP 0.3x Hack (s0beit + download link!

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  • Download this:
    Only works for 0.3x R1 !!!!
    I try to respond every comment, but you write too much messages. I can"t answer everybody, so don"t complain when it doesn"t work for you.
    When you have Windows 0/8 you must install it with administrative rights, otherwise it won"t work.
  • Хобби равным образом стиль Хобби да жанр
  • Длительность : 0:52
  • Ho to download and install s0beit latest 0.3c

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  • Just Fruit
    Just Fruit 0 возраст отдавать

    on windows 0 don"t work full hack why?

  • [Name Deleted]
    [Name Deleted] 0 лета отдавать

    Virus my balls.
    (Not really I don"t have STD"s)

  • Maric Ognjen
    Maric Ognjen 0 возраст отдавать


  • mitra sookhdeo
    mitra sookhdeo 0 возраст взад

    Thanks so much its working and im gonna hack everybodys server now hahahah

  • mbc0022
    mbc0022 0 возраст отступать

    it only works with SAMP 0.3x R1, not R1-2. please take a look at the description before asking.

  • Edvioske
    Edvioske 0 возраст отдавать

    then i try to unfreeze with \, games stops, i can see some players playing, but i cant do anything, i cant even write (sry for bad english)

  • Imshock
    Imshock 0 лета отступать

    this crashes my single player

  • Stefan Marjanski
    Stefan Marjanski 0 парение отворотти-поворотти

    in your gta directory

  • Stefan Marjanski
    Stefan Marjanski 0 полет обратно

    l install and l go to play some server she is tell me "gta sa is need leates version DirectX 0.0c"l download directx 0.0c and install it but it is not working fuck!!!

  • jaremyhawk
    jaremyhawk 0 парение обратно

    so tell me why cant i join any servers with out a lag hears my computer specs

    0.4GHz Intel Core 0 Duo processor with 0MB on-chip shared L2 cache

    0066MHz frontside bus
    0GB and it all ways freezes at loading screen why?

  • Giovannus1
    Giovannus1 0 планирование обратно

    i install this mod and i open game and he crash to desktopl, for me he not work

  • diego rosales
    diego rosales 0 планирование вспять

    aaaaaa esta wea esta en espeños y brasil xd

  • HardcoreGamer483
    HardcoreGamer483 0 планирование отдавать

    Es steht zwar Multiplayer+Singleplayer da aber wenn ich Sobeit drin hab und den SP starte stürzt das spiel ab.

  • mbc0022
    mbc0022 0 планирование обратно

    you are using 0.3e, arent you? this s0beit doesn"t work very well in this version, but there will be an update soon!

  • Pablo Galdón
    Pablo Galdón 0 полет вспять

    I have a little problem: When i turn on the "Handling.two" in mod_sa.ini and i try to press Ctrl (to use a weapon) it always freeze, but if i turn on only the "Timecyc.two", it works perfecly; how can i use the handling.two?

  • Viper Viciouz
    Viper Viciouz 0 планирование отступать

    yo it wnt let me click on the install button and i have the c:\ etc..

  • Kamron K
    Kamron K 0 полет отступать

    How do you uninstall?

  • Byan Seno
    Byan Seno 0 планирование отдавать

    how to uninstall it?

  • modoran myhay
    modoran myhay 0 планирование взад

    maat ba ca esti prsot sa stii eu vreau sa vad cum si de unde il descarci si cum il instalezi daa n00b

  • Haloowns2 haloowwwnn
    Haloowns2 haloowwwnn 0 парение вспять

    dude every time i start my game with sobeit and its just crash...

  • Noire
    Noire 0 полет отдавать

    Where is the SAMP (cheats) LIST?

  • 1st Michael
    0st Michael 0 полет взад

    how to uninstall

  • Sir Derpingtons
    Sir Derpingtons 0 парение отдавать

    Why cant i uninstall it?

  • Gurwinder Singh
    Gurwinder Singh 0 полет отворотти-поворотти

    ahhaahahhaha i hate this song!!!!!

  • Jett Angeles
    Jett Angeles 0 полет взад

    @mbc0022 Yes man I do. I think it"s because I try to play online when the mod is suppose to be for samp.

  • Jett Angeles
    Jett Angeles 0 планирование отдавать

    Hey man I need help. Every time I install it in my San Andreas it always tell me that something is wrong with the game and it"ll just crash.

  • AndrijaDj1
    AndrijaDj1 0 парение отворотти-поворотти

    I have installed this S0beit,but,when i start samp 0.3D , or just GTA SA,some "driver" is stop working,and i must reboot my comp.? How to repair it? Same thing were with samp 0.3c and s0beit for that version :/

  • Guilian D
    Guilian D 0 полет вспять

    @Mingivennike123 Its bcuz" you are playing in SAMP 0.3c and this mod sobeit only works for SAMP 0.3d

  • Putera Amirool Faez Bin Suhasi
    Putera Amirool Faez Bin Suhasi 0 парение обратно

    what should i press for make cheat ??

  • renegade1996
    renegade1996 0 полет отдавать

    when i join a server i get a timeout but my friend has same s0beit version and he doesnt time out so how can i solve this problem???

  • c o n c h e t u m a r e
    c o n c h e t u m a r e 0 полет отдавать

    @valentin99en it isnt a virus you n00b , this cheat uses hot keys so anti virus detect it like a keyboard breaker

  • terdmonkey45
    terdmonkey45 0 планирование отворотти-поворотти

    When I install this it makes my guy look straight down when he is on foot anyway to fix this?

  • FeloxLOL
    FeloxLOL 0 планирование взад

    hab dess installiert aber es geht nur im samp ;( wenn ich singleplayer öfne crasht es

  • justLuca94
    justLuca94 0 парение взад

    after i installed the s0beit i cant see the chat

  • crateyour123
    crateyour123 0 планирование отступать

    wie macht man das man das auto mit s0beit repariert also das s0beit car repair kit welche taste mussi ch nehmen :/?

  • MKSxDreaMz
    MKSxDreaMz 0 планирование отдавать

    Aye i change My thing to True and i start the game and i have to change it again???

  • alakaza22
    alakaza22 0 парение обратно

    @Mingivennike123 my too why?

  • Markus Enzelberger
    Markus Enzelberger 0 парение вспять

    Funktioniert des auch im normalen spiel und nicht nur in SAMP ?

  • Smiley
    Smiley 0 полет взад

    I use it when i want to find some coords like for server

  • ArciK
    ArciK 0 планирование обратно

    Good muzic

  • fendersta
    fendersta 0 планирование отворотти-поворотти

    when i installed and sa went to start menu it kept flashing and i couldent press start is there a way to fix this

  • Raivo Kuusk
    Raivo Kuusk 0 полет взад

    Thanks for help, downloaded the downgrade sa version 0.0 but sobeit still didnt work, crashed and shit, but i downloaded older version, i think it was Still, if you can help me to get my working then thats good ;) (sorry my bad english, hope u understand me ;))

  • Lars Schmidt
    Lars Schmidt 0 полет вспять

    Neuer German Reallife Server GER German Second Realife
    Joint wir sind ein netter Server der sich hocharbeitet
    Biz usw alles vorhanden Spaßfaktor 000%
    Gute Admins Sups ebenfalls vorhanden :)
    Gute Häuser gibts noch zu kaufen :D
    tolle Events es gibt einfach alles auf GER!
    Also nun Leute nun liegt es an euch joined!! :D

  • guide442
    guide442 0 парение отступать

    I have to change false to true even i have true already??

  • yungnpaidwade187
    yungnpaidwade187 0 полет отступать

    does this work on Vista?

  • jcMarcell
    jcMarcell 0 парение отворотти-поворотти

    i downloaded it an it works awsome on samp but wen i play the sa game and press f11 it wont let me select anything in the list. plz help!!

  • MultiDarkII
    MultiDarkII 0 планирование вспять

    @jan1568 Dumme Frage he?

  • XdeathhunterX
    XdeathhunterX 0 полет отворотти-поворотти

    guys i have a problem,When I was in the ini file and change the text did I save it but then he says "access forbidden" can anyone of you help me? send me a message if you have an answer,

  • 1DayVd
    0DayVd 0 планирование отворотти-поворотти

    @mbc0022 i downgraded and tryed all the sobeit none worked my game just crashes when i start it

  • jakie kung
    jakie kung 0 полет отворотти-поворотти

    @1DayVd go to and then go in the downloads and then click on third party patch and then download it and install it and then downgrade ur gta sa

  • 1DayVd
    0DayVd 0 парение отдавать

    @mbc0022 what version do i downgrade to

  • 1DayVd
    0DayVd 0 парение отдавать

    @mbc0022 how do i downgrade it

  • Simon Ha
    Simon Ha 0 планирование обратно

    does this work?

  • Nicolas Ruiz
    Nicolas Ruiz 0 полет отдавать


  • Luca Gamer
    Luca Gamer 0 парение отдавать

    @mbc0022 ,
    XD da geb ich dir recht. :D

  • Luca Gamer
    Luca Gamer 0 полет вспять

    @mbc0022 ,
    Danke, weil alle staunen immer wenn ich Fly mit . nehme. Die anderen haben irgendwie die Version ohne Fly. :)

  • Jet Storm
    Jet Storm 0 парение обратно


  • Braden Beach
    Braden Beach 0 парение отворотти-поворотти

    @mbc0022 Damn, yeah, I bought it but broke the CD. Shit no sa-mp for me then.

  • UkaineMamba
    UkaineMamba 0 полет вспять

    how come samp crashes i did everything

  • Luca Gamer
    Luca Gamer 0 полет отворотти-поворотти

    @mbc0022 ,
    ist das die Version von m0d_s0beit mit fly ???

  • Braden Beach
    Braden Beach 0 полет отдавать

    i can"t click the install button on mine? wtf?

  • Raivo Kuusk
    Raivo Kuusk 0 полет отступать

    I have sucsessfully downloaded and installed it, but when i star my SAMP 0.3c the game will just CRASH!?! Waht do i have to do to make it work?

  • LostinPlayland
    LostinPlayland 0 полет вспять

    what do you mean true incase false? wtf where do you write that?

  • Jackie Lam
    Jackie Lam 0 парение отдавать

    how to use it? i successful install it but how to use it

  • Andy Ferrer
    Andy Ferrer 0 планирование взад

    how to u use it

  • Victor Jara
    Victor Jara 0 парение вспять


  • Taipangr
    Taipangr 0 полет вспять

    nur ne frage wo mache ich unentlich leben und wie fliege ich?

  • Styler812
    Styler812 0 полет вспять

    wenn ich auf ein Server Joinen will dann lädt das Ende aber dann geht das Spiel aus , also kommt keine Fehlermeldung oder so , geht einfach aus .

  • stormyyyy
    stormyyyy 0 полет вспять

    wo ist denn die ini datei??

  • Tyisawes0me
    Tyisawes0me 0 полет отступать

    i cant find the file, PLZ REPLY
    i downloaded off steam

  • Tyisawes0me
    Tyisawes0me 0 полет вспять

    i cant find the file, PLZ REPLY

  • Yepizul
    Yepizul 0 полет отступать

    @fearfire99 f11

  • Charles
    Charles 0 полет отступать

    How can we disable sobeit when ever I want to play without it and after enable it to play with it?

  • Jonte Lima
    Jonte Lima 0 полет взад

    where is the ini file? im just kidding thanks man ur the best:D

  • Naftalina
    Naftalina 0 планирование отворотти-поворотти

    wo kann ich true incase false zu schreiben bitte eine antwort und erkleren

  • jan1568
    jan1568 0 полет отдавать

    ist virenfrei ?

  • jan1568
    jan1568 0 парение вспять

    @mbc0022 danke :)

  • jan1568
    jan1568 0 парение отворотти-поворотти

    der Download funktioniert irgendwie nicht. ich kann so oft wie ich will auf free download nach den 00 sekunden gehen aber der startet nicht. was soll ich tuen???
    Ist es überhaupt Virenfrei??
    Ich wäre sehr erfreut über eine Antwort.

  • Harry Pot
    Harry Pot 0 парение обратно

    this is 0.3?

  • Sunny Lau
    Sunny Lau 0 парение вспять

    does it work for MTA multiplayer?

  • Tomas Tomukasd
    Tomas Tomukasd 0 парение вспять

    I get the AC #1 kick from all the servers what to do???

  • Rhys10846
    Rhys10846 0 парение отступать

    Is there a way to disable it? I only want to use it for single player.. So I want to enable it when on single player, and disable when I go on SAMP. How do I disable it? :D

  • William Jason
    William Jason 0 парение отворотти-поворотти

    @TheAntonioRHCP thank u very much!! It worked!!

  • Antonio
    Antonio 0 планирование отступать

    @FireDragonRedEye because you have Windows Vista really?? paste the .ini file in desktop....modified it and paste in gta san andreas directory

  • William Jason
    William Jason 0 планирование обратно

    I cant save the ini file.
    please help me, please

  • Der Hartwig
    Der Hartwig 0 парение вспять


    Danke für die schnelle Antwort :D
    Jetz kann ich besser stunten ohne das noobs nerven

  • Tiago Castanheira
    Tiago Castanheira 0 парение отворотти-поворотти

    hey dude i changed the ini file to true i replaced and it says Acess denied

  • stripmemaybe
    stripmemaybe 0 планирование отворотти-поворотти

    hey i downloaded and installed s0beit and and i changed the thing to true but then something pops out saying "Cannot create the m0d_s0beit_sa.ini file.
    Make sure that the path and file name are correct"

  • Der Hartwig
    Der Hartwig 0 полет вспять

    Was soll ich mit false machen ?

  • Razvan Burciu
    Razvan Burciu 0 полет обратно

    Man..i did what you said but i had an error when i tried to edit the .ini me please

  • meade915
    meade915 0 планирование обратно

    eine frage ich werde immer um teleportiert mal zur polizei dan mal wieda wo anderes anfach so warum ?

  • Marvin Arts
    Marvin Arts 0 полет вспять

    plzz help me i get an error when i start sa or samp

  • MrFreddy999
    MrFreddy999 0 полет отступать

    @mbc0022 mine when i save i have too choose a file or it says replace i say yes but still keeps asking me to change to true even tho i save is this because i have xfire

  • Yehya Alaywan
    Yehya Alaywan 0 планирование отступать


  • Deyuu deyu
    Deyuu deyu 0 планирование отворотти-поворотти

    I replied the flap so I do not know why it does not work

    white screen appears and if I enter aps goes out so basically do not come

  • Iron Dome
    Iron Dome 0 планирование вспять

    No your not a cheater but a hacker :D

  • Christopher Drum
    Christopher Drum 0 планирование взад

    wheres the ill file?

  • Stefanovic
    Stefanovic 0 планирование взад

    how can you uninstall this ? plz help i dont wanna get banned of my RPG server.

  • ClOwNwAlKeR1001
    ClOwNwAlKeR1001 0 полет отдавать

    danke für das video einfach zu verstehen :D und auch danke für den link hehe 0*

  • Rhobin Jay Faigones
    Rhobin Jay Faigones 0 полет отдавать


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